Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Assignment 1

So since this blog will be for the most part about traveling I thought a brief history of my past adventures would be fitting.
I think my love of seeing a new place came from my Mother, she works in Tourism and as a child was very generous in letting me tag along on different press tours. I fell in love with the bustle of New York at age 12, the history in Montreal at 13 but it was 16 and Paris that truly took my breath away and confirmed my addiction to traveling.
Since Paris I have made it my goal to take every opportunity to see a new place I could. Unfortunately, universities tend to drain any funds you may have saved and requires that you stay where the campus is for the most part. However, they also can offer some great travel destinations if you keep your eyes peeled. Spending a summer studying at the Universidad Salamanca in Spain was a dream come true in more ways than one. I studied at one of the Oldest Universities in Europe, saw the running of the Bulls festival, and fell in love with a dreamy European….ahhh what a summer.
I have since finished my BA in Philosophy and have gone on to have adventures in New Zealand, San Francisco, Hawaii, Seattle and Vancouver. I want to see it all and experience it all. I love a good adrenaline rush from an extreme activity like sky diving or white river rafting, but I also enjoy a quiet day at a museum with a nice play. I think my favorite part about traveling though is the food and the landscapes. To me there is no finer moment in life when I am enjoying an authentic local meal with a great bottle of wine looking out on an incredible view.

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